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This is Dr. Robert Muller's Billennium Logo " The eye of Horus.

And Mr. Muller of the United Nations wants to share all of this wonderful information with your children in the National Education system and backed by good old Gaia worshipper, Al Gore himself.


The Class of 2000 is perhaps the most watched group of students of our lifetime. Here are some interesting facts on the 18.7 million in the graduating class of 2000. If you are part of the Class of 2000, we want to hear from you! Let us know how you want to shape the future.


Parents, Donít you see? Hitler (Clinton) Has created the new brown shirt army, the little school children across the nation, all wearing their little military uniforms and complying to the rules these same corrupt leaders allowed, when they allowed evil to overcome the public school system.

Do you for one moment believe that these uniformed children will change the evil that has come into our public education system when Jesus Christ is banned?

Now that they have crucified Jesus one more time, they have begun teaching your child about these gods in preparation for the New World Leader that false Christ. They are working hard to manipulate your children into the New World Government and to make them world servers. Altering their minds to accept whatever they desire.



You can find the Eye of Horus almost anywhere even on the dollar bill which has been idoled by the American People for years.


Hosea 4:6

My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge


What is God referring to? Could it be that God was not referring to the person who has the scripture opened and trying to understand, but referring to those who closed their minds to the happenings of man from the beginning to current events? Manís history?

Taught in the public schools

What is the eye of Horus?


Egyptian HOR, OR HAR, in ancient Egyptian religion, god in the form of a falcon whose eyes were the sun and the moon. Falcon cults were widespread in Egypt. At Nekhen (Greek: Hierakonpolis), however, the conception arose that the reigning king was a manifestation of Horus and, after Egypt had been united by the kings from Nekhen, this conception became a generally accepted dogma. The first of the Egyptian king's five names was the Horus name--i.e., the name that identified him with Horus.

From the 1st dynasty (c. 2525-2775 BC), Horus and the god Seth were perpetual antagonists who were reconciled in the harmony of Upper and Lower Egypt. In the myth of Osiris, who became prominent about 2350 BC, Horus was the son of Osiris. He was also the opponent of Seth, who murdered Osiris and contested Horus' heritage, the royal throne of Egypt. Horus finally defeated Seth, thus avenging his father and assuming the rule. In the fight his left eye (i.e., the moon) was damaged--this being a mythical explanation of the moon's phases--and was healed by the god Thoth. The figure of the restored eye (the wedjat eye) became a powerful amulet.

Horus appeared as a local god in many places and under different names and epithets: for instance, as Harmakhis (Har-em-akhet, "Horus in the Horizon"); Harpocrates (Har-pe-khrad, "Horus the Child"); Harsiesis (Har-si-Ese, "Horus, Son of Isis"); Harakhte ("Horus of the Horizon," closely associated with the sun god Re); and, at Kawm Umbu (Kom Ombo), as Haroeris (Harwer, "Horus the Elder"). Horus was later identified by the Greeks with Apollo, and Edfu was called Apollinopolis ("Apollo's Town") in the Greco-Roman period.

In the Ptolemaic period, the vanquishing of Seth became a symbol of Egypt triumphing over its occupiers. At Edfu, where rebellions frequently interrupted work on the temple, a ritual drama depicting Horus as pharaoh spearing Seth in the guise of a hippopotamus was periodically enacted.


Thatís right, take out Jesus, put in Horus.



Do You Like Horus?

"Emblazoned upon your Great Seal, the eye and I were officially united on June 20, 1782, the same day the American Eagle took flight. Your nation ó conceived on the Fourth of July six years earlier ó now had an image for the world to see. I remember that day as the true Birthday of the United States. For the next 153 years, though, I was secreted away so you only saw one side of America's face. Then, from the depths of Depression, your final Founding Father put me on your greenback where I joined the Eagle, whose glorious constellation is the shining sister of the aura surrounding.


You Should it is on every one Dollar U.S

Currency note.

And these lies are from the famous millionaire J.D McArthur

And the Franklin Mint.

Eye of Horus from Slateboard Education Company, attached. Which supplies schools nationally.




Horus, represented as the falcon-headed god, was an important god in Egyptian legend. The symbol representing his eye, Eye of Horus, was a powerful symbol used to protect from evil. Pronounced "udjat" by the Egyptians, the Eye of Horus represents a human eye with the cheek markings of a falcon.

The 'Rx' symbol which is used by pharmacies and in medicine has its origins in the Eye of Horus.

The Eye of Horus fraction system was based on the Eye of Horus symbol. This system was used to record prescriptions, land and grain.

Fractions are created by combining sections of the Eye of Horus symbol. Each section has a different value. The complete Eye of Horus with all parts in place has a value of 1. In reality the complete Eye of Horus represents 63/64, which is rounded off to 1.

The system is based on halves. Half of 1 equals 1/2, half of 1/2 equals 1/4 and so on until the smallest value of 1/64. By adding together the values of different sections fractions are created.



Oh great worshipful Dollar Bill?


And of course Mr. McArthur supports the


GAIA Forrest Conservation

Which is linked to none other than Al Gore.

And they have obtained Billions of acreage worldwide in the name of GAIA conservation, one of the whore daughter gods of Babylon.


Where will you hide?

More on this at the land conservation page.


A letter from a deceived Mason in Indiana.

Re: Masonic symbols on the Dollar Bill

From: A Proud Mason in Idianna
Date: 12/28/99
Time: 1:36:17 PM
Remote Name:


Dear Sir,

I have found your representation of the All Seeing Eye on the back of our dollar bill to be in great error.

Yes the All Seeing Eye is a Masonic symbol, however its true meaning is nothing, as you would love the world to believe. The All Seeing Eye is an emblem that reminds Masons to be good and true. It reminds us that we can hide the innermost recesses of our live from the world, but the All Seeing Eye (of God) can see into the innermost recesses of our hearts, and knows what kind of men we are.

I believe in God and love Him and his son Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, and can assure anyone reading this posting that if the Masonic Fraternity, was in anyway associated with any type of occult or satanic activities, I WOULD NOT BE A PART OF THIS FRATERNITY.

I have always tried to live a good moral life, but the teachings of the fraternity have only reinforced my attempts of being a good moral citizen of our great nation. As a result I have become an even better man, one who loves God, his country and his family. I urge everyone to seek out a mason or the Masonic fraternity in your community to find the answers you may have about the fraternity and us. With over four million masons in the United States, this should be easy. And remember the only secret the fraternity has is three hand shakes and two pass words which mearly allow us to identify one mason both in light or darkness, by the feel of the hand shake.


Remember, Satan is the great deceiver!


The Masonic Eye of Horus


A Letter From an ex Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge

Jack's Personal Testimony

In January of 1968, I was installed a Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge of about 600 men. As far as I was concerned, I had reached the pinnacle of life. As a Worshipful Master, I had total autocratic authority over the affairs of my Lodge with accountability only to the Grand Master of my State.

I was married, had two children, a great job, pay and benefits, as well as great health. In fact, I even believed that I had obtained a special knowledge of God, mankind, the universe, heaven, and how to live a successful and fruitful life. What more could a man ask for?

Very early during my term as Worshipful Master, while conducting a Masonic business meeting, one of the brothers present voiced his objections to the closing of Lodge prayers in the name of Jesus Christ. Masonic tradition in Maryland had been to close the prayers by saying,

May every moral and social virtue cement us,
Amen, So Mote it Be

In all my years as a Mason, I had never heard one objection to the name of Jesus being used by our Chaplain to close his prayers. I assured the Masonic brother who objected that I would take up the matter with the Grand Master.

Several days later, I met with the Grand Master and explained the problem with the prayers, as well as other concerns. The Grand Master informed me that Freemasonry accepts for membership men of every faith and religion, so long as the prospective member believes in a Supreme Being (whomever he may be) and in the resurrection of the body to a future life (however and through whomever that was accomplished). This was a great shock to me. I had not realized that those who were members of anti-Christian religions could become Masons.

The Grand Master informed me that one of my duties as a Worshipful Master of my Lodge was not to offend any brethren who were not Christians, even if this meant I had to refrain from using the name of Jesus Christ in my prayers. He advised me that as Grand Master he had the authority to disband my Lodge and remove its Charter as a Lodge, if I persisted in using the name of Jesus with members present who objected.

In March of 1973,The Grand Lodge of Maryland Committee on Masonic Education approved the following statement regarding prayers in a Masonic lodge:

All prayers in a Masonic Lodge should be directed to the one deity to whom all Masons refer as the Grand Architect of the Universe. We address Him as our Heavenly Father, Eternal God, Almighty, or Everlasting God. We should close our prayers with an expression such as, 'In Thy most holy and precious name we pray...'. Using no additional words, which could be in conflict with the religious beliefs of other Masons present at the meeting. The brother who offers up the prayer does so for all member and visitors present, rather than for himself.
(Maryland Mason Magazine, March 1973).

Needless to say, my faith and trust in the teachings of Masonry were shaken. After all, my pastor and the deacons of my church were all Masons. They believed in the Jesus of the Bible, didn't they?

In the center of every Blue Lodge is an altar. Resting on top of the altar is what many Masons refer to as the Great Light of Masonry, the Bible. I later discovered that Freemasonry declares the sacred book of any and all religions in the world equivalent to the Bible. Any "sacred book" may rest on the altar in a Masonic lodge, to obligate a Mason who does not accept the Bible as God's word.

I now had an irresistible force meeting an immovable object, namely the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ, and the god of Freemasonry, Satan. How could both belief systems be regarded as truth? I believed that the primary purpose of every Masonic degree was to depart spiritual light, wisdom, truth, and knowledge regarding life, death, the hereafter, and our interpersonal relationships with others.

After reading and studying various Masonic authors, I realized that Freemasonry considers Jesus Christ as no greater than Moses, Elijah, Mohammed, or Buddha.

I began to converse with pastors, read the Bible, pray, and debate with other Masons, including the Grand Lodge of the State of Maryland, about who Jesus Christ is, and where absolute truth is to be found. This went on for two years, until one night I decided to watch a Billy Graham crusade on TV. Reverend Graham was preaching on Hebrews 4:12:

'For the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edge sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart'.

He also discussed Romans, 3:10-18, which describes the total depravity of mankind, before coming to Jesus Christ for salvation.

For the first time in my life I saw myself as God saw me, a sinner without hope and on my way to Hell. That night I got on my knees and asked Jesus Christ to forgive me for my sins, come into my life, save me, and be the Lord of my life. At that moment, I accepted the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ, and rejected the god of Freemasonry. The irresistible force of God's Holy Spirit pushed aside the immovable object of the lies of Masonry, as only He could do.

At last I was free, as God's word states in John 8:32:
Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

I was set free by the One who is The Truth, Jesus Christ. The shackles of Masonic lies were broken. God's word reveals that as a born-again Christian, I am clothed with His righteousness, as stated in Ephesians 6:14, having shed the soiled garments of sin. (Romans 3:10-18) Thereby, by the grace of God, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, I went from rags to riches that night.

I obeyed God's word in 2 Corinthians 6:14.
Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness, and what communion hath light with darkness?

I renounced all of the branches of Freemasonry that I was a member of , including the Blue Lodge, Royal Arch Chapter, Knights Templar, and the Shrine(A.A.O.N.M.S.). They all teach doctrines contrary to God's word, and lead men to Hell, instead of to Heaven.

If you are a Mason, spend much time in God's word, especially the books of John and Colossians, comparing them to the teachings of the Lodge. My prayer for you is that our Savior will open your spiritual eyes to the only absolute truth found in the person of Jesus Christ, and that you will reject the god of Freemasonry, Satan.

Jack Harris



Masonic Symbols And
Their Meanings

All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye, whom the sun, moon and stars obey and under whose watchful eye even comets perform their stupendous revolutions, pervade the inmost recesses of the human heart and will reward us according to our merits.....

What Masonry fails to tell the candidate is that the rewards for merits done in the flesh apart from the person and work of Jesus Christ are worthless and fruitless and the God of the bible does not regard them (Isaiah 64:6), because they do not give glory to Jesus Christ and His gospel message.

Again, Masonry attempts to bypass the truth of God's word, and instead give credence to the arch deceiver of the souls of men.


The Egyptian Mythological Teaching

Of Resurrection...

In Egyptian Mythology resurrection was taught, but only according to the pagan beliefs of the Egyptians. The Hiram Abiff legend in the third degree is taken from this and other pagan sources to teach life after death.

Never is a true biblical explanation given, always pagan belief systems, so as to not offend the man who is from another religion.


Lambskin or White leather Apron
Given to the candidate in the first degree and must be worn during all lodge
meetings and must be worn at all funeral services. It teaches a Mason that as this Apron is pure so is he as long as he wears it as a badge of a Mason and it represents the purity of his life and conduct which the Mason is told will get him into heaven.


How can humans practice virtue who are born in sin and remain that way? Until they are made alive by the grace of God, through the blood of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, any attempts to practice virtue are not possible without that personal relationship with Jesus Christ.




These are the working tools of the first degree.The common gavel is an instrument made use of by operative Masons to break off the corners of rough stones.....etc.....Masons use them for divesting our hearts and consciences of all the vices and superfluities of life, thereby fitting our minds as living stones for that spiritual building.....etc.....

Here again Masonry is side stepping the person and work of Jesus Christ and leaves it up to the Mason to bring his sin nature under control and get to heaven.
How Satanic!




These three steps represent the three stages of life; youth, manhood and age.

In youth they say Masons should obtain knowledge.

What A Lie
(along with all of their other symbolic meanings.)

There will be no glorious immortality for the Mason who puts his faith and trust in the lies of Freemasonry. Apart from the saving grace of God, which can only be found in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

There is no hope, now or in the life to come.




The clouded canopy and the starry decked heaven where all good Masons hope at last to arrive, by aid of the theological ladder, which Jacob in his vision saw extending from earth to heaven; the three principal rounds of which are Faith, Hope and Charity. They admonish the Mason to have faith in God, hope in immortality and charity to all mankind.

There is no faith in God unless your faith is in the God of the bible. Masonry's god is not the God of the bible. Their faith is grounded in the pagan deities of the various pagan religions of the world. Their hope in immortality, will be immortality spent in hell for all those Masons who believe the ungodly untruths told to them in the lodge room.
Immortality is spent either in heaven or hell.

The Masonic hope of immortality is not based on the Word of God; therefore it leaves a false hope for all Masons.



The book of constitutions guarded by the Tyler's sword reminds the Mason that he should be ever watchful and guarded in his words and actions, particularly when before the enemies of Masonry.

The only enemy of Masonry I know of is Jesus Christ and his followers and those holding to the truth found only in Jesus Christ (John 14:6).



The pot of incense is an emblem of a pure heart, which is always an acceptable sacrifice to the Deity.
Romans 3:10-18 speaks of the total depravity of mankind, and that includes all Masons. The Bible states that the heart is desperately wicked. A pure heart comes only after a person is born again by the spirit of God and becomes a new creation in Christ Jesus
(II Corinthians 5:17)



The anchor and the ark are emblems of a well-grounded hope and a well spent life. They are emblematical of that divine ark which will take the Mason to heaven.
There is no well grounded hope apart from the saving grace of Jesus Christ and no life is well spent that does not give glory to the God of the bible, Jesus Christ, Son of God and only Savior of the souls of men.

Again, Masonry mocks the person and work of Jesus Christ by its ungodly
and unbiblical statements.



The hourglass is an emblem of human life and the scythe is an emblem of time, which launches us into eternity.

The candidate is given a full explanation of each but never is he pointed to the gospel or the person of Jesus Christ. He is left with a paganistic explanation of life and death and the candidate is reminded of the Legend of Hiram Abiff with its ungodly meanings.



The square and compass is resting on top of the open bible in the first three degrees of Freemasonry.
The square the Mason is told is to remind him to square his actions and the compass to circumscribe his desires and to keep his passions
in due bounds.
The letter G in the center stands for the deity of any religion in the
world. Surprise!!! Surprise!! And as a Mason you believed it was
the God of the bible. . . . . Far from it.


What is Illuminati Masonic Symbology?



Occultists the world over believe that, once a symbol is created, it acquires power of its own, and more power is generated when such symbol(s) are created without the profane [uninitiated] knowing about it. And, the greatest power of all is created in the symbol(s) if the uninitiated NEVER discover that the symbol exists. In this article, we shall demonstrate positive proofs of conspiracy to achieve the ends of Freemasonry, i.e., achieving the New World Order. And, these proofs exist right under your eyes, in Washington, D.C., the Capital district. Prepare for the unexpected. Before you read this article, you might want to go to a map store to buy a street map of Washington, D.C.



The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling

You will never look at the news the same way again.

Is the city of Washington D.C of Luciferic design?

We will demonstrate that the street design in Government Center in Washington, D.C., has been cunningly laid out in such a manner that certain Luciferic symbols are depicted by the streets, cul-de-sacs and rotaries. A Masonic architect created this design in 1791, just a few years after Freemasonry assumed the leadership of the New World Order, in 1782. Remember, occult leaders in Europe were told by their Familiar Spirits as early as the 1740's that the new American continent was to be established as the new "Atlantis", and its destiny was to assume the global leadership of the drive to the New World Order. From the beginning, the United States of America was chosen to lead the world into this kingdom of Antichrist, and Washington, D.C. was to be its capital.

You will need to have your maps of Washington, D.C., opened in front of you as we proceed. As we proceed through this discussion we will answer the great question of "Why" these streets have thus been laid out.

Before we begin our discussion of this Washington, D.C. map, let us lay some important groundwork which will enable us to better understand the occultic meaning behind what we are about to show you. This information was given Cutting Edge Ministries by a born-again Christian who was once a medium level Satanist, Doc Marquee. At the time of his conversion, Doc was in charge of several satanic covens west and North of Boston. Doc was a Third Level Witch and a Master Witch. Shortly before Doc was born-again, he was invited to become an Illuminant, which is a secret society totally committed to the New World Order. Thus, Doc was in a most powerful position: he was both a Satanist Master Witch and an Illuminist.

Doc underwent special training in the Illuminist secret society. As part of his training, he was shown the occultic nature of the street design of the Washington, D.C., Governmental Center. This information was provided to show Doc several factors:

Thus, Doc and other Illuminists were shown this street design with the express purpose of demonstrating that they were on the winning side in this drive to the New World Order.

Now, let us examine the street layout of Washington, D.C., starting with a little bit of history.

When the architect, Pierre Charles L'Enfante, who was a Freemason, laid out Governmental Center of Washington, D.C., in 1791, he planned more than just streets, roads, and buildings. He planned to use the layout of Governmental Center to hide certain occultic magical symbols, which, when they were instituted, became one large Luciferic, or occultic, symbol. An occultic magical symbol is defined as " image which hides an inner meaning. This meaning is usually cunningly hidden behind a form..." (Frederick Goodman, Magic Symbols, Brian Trodd Publishing House, Ltd., London, 1989, page 6). This definition from this Luciferic book is so important, we need to repeat it. An occultic magical symbol is defined as " image which hides an inner meaning. This meaning is usually cunningly hidden behind a form..." As we study this occultic street design of Washington, D.C., Governmental Center, you will be seriously tempted to disregard this information. Please do not, because these symbols are "cunningly hidden" behind a form.

Further, occultists always depend upon the natural human tendency to want to disbelieve unpleasant or frightening truth. The Masters of the Illuminati always had a saying, "Audacity, always Audacity". Of course, Audacity means something so shocking and so far out, it is to be considered impossible. People naturally feel, both in a democracy and a government of royalty, that their leaders generally have their best interests at heart. Some leaders may be incompetent and some others may commit errors, but at least, people take solace in their belief that most leaders most of the time, have their country's best interests at heart. The average citizen of any country simply cannot conceive that their leaders may consistently have evil in their hearts toward the very people they are leading. But, as we have consistently shown, this is precisely the case. Our leadership has been consistently moving us toward the Luciferic New World Order since 1776, always working through Secret Societies, and always misleading the people as to their true intentions.

This is why our study today is so critical; it demonstrates, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our leadership has knowingly and consistently been pursuing a hidden agenda which, when fully carried out, will mean the destruction of our nation as we know it today and the beginning of the Biblical Great Tribulation. Our leaders are currently calling this system the New World Order!

Now back to the symbols embedded within the streets of Washington, D.C.: These occultic symbols, once they are hidden, are thought to possess great power. For example, the Snake Basilisk is "said to have the power to destroy all upon whom it looks" (Ibid, page 7). However, the person who is not an occultist will have no concept of the true hidden meaning contained within the symbol. Therefore, symbols also serve another purpose: to communicate certain meanings to other occultists while hiding this meaning from all non-occultists.

Therefore, the symbols which have been interwoven into the design of Governmental Center, communicate tremendous power to the occultist while hiding the meaning from anyone who is not an occultist. And, these symbols take on a life of their own, in the mind of the occultist, possessing great inherent power to accomplish the plans of the occultist.

With this as background, let us now begin our study of Governmental Center, Washington, D.C.

In occultic/Satanic doctrine, the upper four points of the Goathead represent the four elements of the world, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. The bottom fifth point represents the spirit of Lucifer. In the photocopy of the Goathead Pentagram, the fifth point extends down into the mind of the goat, who represents Lucifer. Thus, in this street layout, the fifth point is the White House, a symbol placement which represents the intention that the spirit and the mind of Lucifer will be permanently residing in the White House.

There is a 666 evident in the most important top three circles of the Goathead, Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, and Logan Circle. Each of these streets has six major streets coming into them from all angles of the circle. This type of encoding is so typical of the occultist. Do not be deceived into thinking that this is accidental; everything I am showing you here today was deliberately planned to stamp the power of Freemasonry and the symbols of its plans for America indelibly upon Governmental Center. The combination of the Devil's Pentagram, the Goathead of Mendes, and the practical existence of the number 666 within the three upper points of the Pentagram, unmistakably shows that Lucifer is planned to be the ultimate master of Governmental Center.

Now look for a moment at the circles which comprise the points of the Pentagram. Washington Circle, Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, and Logan Circle comprise four of the six points of the Pentagram. The only point which is not a circle or a form of a circle is Mt. Vernon Square. We shall return to the discussion of the importance of the square to the occultist, but let us now concentrate upon the circle.

It is no secret as to why the Masonic architect chose to use circles as four of the points of the Pentagram. As Goodman states in his book, Magic Symbols, "without doubt, the circle is the most important of all units in magic symbolism, and in almost every case where it is used, the circle is intended to denote spirit, or spiritual forces". Therefore, we can know with certainty that these circles of this Pentagram were used to denote powerful spiritual forces. And, of course, these spiritual forces are from Lucifer.

But, there is much more symbolism expressed by the circle in occultic thought. The circle has also been used as a halo above a person's head, denoting that "he or she is in direct communication with the spiritual world". (Ibid, page 29). The circle has also been utilized to represent the Sun, especially in spiritual terms, denoting spiritual light. But, the circle also is utilized as a symbol of the All-Seeing Eye. Remember the All-Seeing Eye atop the pyramid on our One-Dollar bill? This eye is within a triangle, but the important factor to realize is that the eye is atop a pyramid. Of course, a pyramid is nothing more than a triangle. Look again at the triangles formed by the Goathead Pentagram. Four out of five triangles of the Goathead has a circle, representing the All-Seeing Eye atop each triangle. However, the architect had a problem with the triangle at the far right, because he chose the square as the anchor point; the solution is to place Thomas Circle at one of the points, thus giving that triangle an All-Seeing Eye. In fact, I believe this is the reason why Thomas Circle was placed in the odd position it was; it is the only circle which was not placed as an anchor of the Pentagram. Even the Southern Point of the Goathead Pentagram, the one which ends at the White House, has a circle at its top. Notice the Ellipse located just to the south of the White House lawn.

Thus, the Freemason architect who drew this pattern intended to show that Governmental Center was planned to be ruled by Satan. Further, the Goathead Pentagram was placed so the southernmost point, the spiritual point, is precisely centered on the White House. Notice that I did not arbitrarily draw these lines to center on the White House; rather, the White House is the precise point where the two lines formed by Connecticut Avenue flowing from Dupont Circle, and by Vermont Avenue flowing from Logan Circle, intersect. The meaning is all too clear. Occultists planned for the White House to be controlled by Lucifer in accordance with his occultic power and doctrine.

But, there is still more meaning expressed by this Goathead Pentagram. Quickly look again at the photocopy of the Devil's Pentagram, as copied from Goodman's Magic Symbol book. Protruding from the middle top of the Pentagram is a lighted candle, which is producing light. This physical light represents spiritual illumination. If this representation were made on a map, this illuminating candle would be thought of as being North. North is a very important direction, because it is the place of Governmental control. In I Ching, for example, North is the "place one reports to the master on accomplishments". (New Age Dictionary). This is again a fulfillment of Scripture. Remember in Isaiah 14:12-14, where God recalls Lucifer's original sin of pride and rebellion? Lucifer had every intention of taking God's throne by force and establishing his own reign. In verses 13 and 14, Lucifer vowed, "I will ascend to Heaven; I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will sit upon the mount of assembly in the uttermost north..." Did you see that North is apparently the direction in which God's throne is situated, and Lucifer planned to take it over. North is the place, occultists believe, where Governmental authority dwells.

Now look at the Goathead Pentagram again. Scott Circle is precisely located at the middle of the Goathead, and 16th Street proceeds directly north. As you look directly north on 16th Street, you will immediately see the House Of The Temple, which is the North American Headquarters of Freemasonry. Even the number 16 is significant to the occultist; it is 4x4 (Remember that the four upper points of the Goathead Pentagram represent the Four Elements of which the earth is constructed). Number 16 literally means "felicity", which, according to my Webster's Dictionary, means blissful happiness or anything which will produce such a state. Certainly, blissful happiness is the stated goal of any Satanic system. A corollary meaning of 16 is love.

The number 16 also pops up in an encoded manner. Both Dupont Circle and Logan Circle, which form the top two most important points of the Goathead Pentagram, are located on "P" Street. "P" is the 16th letter of the English alphabet.

Sixteenth Street emanates north from Scott Circle, which is itself the precise middle of the Goathead Pentagram. This street represents the candle of the photocopy. The illuminating light of the candle is represented by the House Of The Temple, which begins on "R" Street. The architect is literally saying that Freemasonry is the spiritual light of this Goathead Pentagram; of course, this Goathead Pentagram is rooted at the White House. One quick word on "R" Street. The letter "R" is the 18th letter of the English alphabet, and 18 is critically important to the occultist because it is 6+6+6.

The House Of The Temple is also located 13 city blocks north of the White House. Count them yourself, beginning with the first city block north of Lafayette Square. Of course, the number 13 represents rebellion against God's authority, and is generally thought of as Satan's number. It is no accident the House Of The Temple is located 13 blocks north of the White House. The meaning occulticly transmitted is that the control of the White House would be spiritual and would emanate from the House Of The Temple. Certainly, many American Presidents have been Freemasons. The most famous is George Washington, but the most influential was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who did more to advance the cause of the New World Order than anyone else in American history.

The critical importance of this symbolism pointed out above, namely, that the Presidency of the United States is to be controlled by Freemasonry, is thoroughly documented by Christian author, Ralph Epperson, in his book, "The New World Order". On page 171, Epperson quotes testimony given in March, 1867, before the House Judiciary Committee, by General Gordon Granger. General Granger related a meeting between himself, President Andrew Johnson, who was a Mason, and Albert Pike, the most famous of all Masons. General Granger reported his surprise that President Johnson considered himself to be subordinate to Albert Pike. This subordination is detailed in the oath the initiate takes during the Third Degree, called the Master Mason's degree, inside the Blue Lodge. This oath states, "I do promise...that I will obey me from the hand of a Brother Master Mason ..." Presidents who are Masons are obligated to take orders from their Master Masons. But why should we be surprised? This is the meaning of the symbolization contained by the House Of The Temple being precisely 13 city blocks north of the White House.

Now, let us quickly examine the importance of the square to the occultist. We need to understand this because the Eastern point of this Goathead Pentagram is a square, not a circle. The square is comprised of two (2) vertical lines and two (2) horizontal. According to Goodman in his book, "Magical Symbols", the vertical line symbolizes spirit. This spiritual force may move either from Heaven to Earth or from Earth to Heaven, or even from Heaven to Hell. The horizontal line symbolizes matter and movement from west to east. It also describes movement in time, as a direction in which one is traveling. This point is very critical, because the Freemason is committed to taking America in the direction of the New World Order. Since the square combines the vertical and the horizontal, it becomes a symbol of the material, physical realm which is enmeshed with spirit and time. The passage of time within an occultic spiritual context is what is in view here. In this instance, the United States of America is the physical realm which is moving in time toward the desired direction of the New World Order.

This square also contains one more piece of occultic meaning. In this Goathead Pentagram, Mt. Vernon Square is the Eastern point. In occultic doctrine, East is the direction from which a person receives spiritual knowledge and guidance. This belief originated in the Pagan worship of the Sun, and it is very much alive in Freemasonry today.

Now, let us look at the symbol contained in the lower right hand portion of your Washington , D.C., city street map. This combination of symbols runs South and East from the White House to the United States Capitol. These are the symbols which clearly stamp Freemasonry upon this city, and which unmistakably reveal that the brand of Luciferic worship which we see in the Goathead Pentagram is the brand practiced by Freemasonry. Let us look at these Freemasonry symbols.

The three most sacred symbols of Freemasonry are the Compass, the Square, and the Rule or straight-edge. Look at the United States capitol, and you will see that it is laid out in the form of a circle. This represents the top of a professional compass of that era, which was circular. Pennsylvania Avenue, running from the Capitol to the White House, represents one leg of the compass. Maryland Avenue, running from the Capitol to Thomas Jefferson Memorial, represents the second leg of the compass. In this instance, you will have to lay out a ruler and draw a solid line from the Capitol to the Jefferson Memorial to get the full effect, because Maryland does not run straight through. It runs for a while and then disappears only to reappear again further toward the Memorial. However, you can easily see that the general direction runs precisely toward the Jefferson Memorial. This is the compass of Freemasonry.

The Freemason's Square begins at Union Square, with Louisiana Avenue forming one arm and Washington Avenue the other. Again, you will have to draw a line down Louisiana Avenue and Washington to see the fully-formed square, because Louisiana ends at Pennsylvania and Washington ends at Maryland. The critical 900 angle of the square is pictorially missing; however, once you draw the natural continuation of Louisiana and Washington beyond their termination points you will see the 900 square perfectly formed.

The Freemason's Rule, or straightedge, is clearly seen if you draw a straight line south from the White House center to the base of the Washington Monument and then straight East to the Capitol.

Thus, all three of the sacred instruments of Freemasonry are depicted in the layout of these streets. As I stated earlier, the deliberate planning of these Governmental Buildings so that they would be laid out so as to represent these three sacred tools of Freemasonry, coupled with the Luciferic Goathead Pentagram, clearly tell us that the brand of Luciferic control and worship planned for this capitol city was Freemasonry. This clearly shows that the New World Order for which Freemasonry has labored for so many years is Luciferic, their vigorous protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.

But there is more. Look again at the United States Capitol. At the extreme Eastern side of the Capitol, you can see two cul-de-sacs which are irregularly shaped. In fact, when you draw a bold black line carefully around these cul-de-sacs, and continue the black line around the Capitol, you get the appearance of a fat bunny's head, with the cul-de-sacs as his ears. This is not accidental, either. The head and ears of the bunny attach to the stick figures of the legs of the compass, which are meant to be the legs of the bunny. Further, the Mason's Square form stick-figure arms of the bunny. This representation is critically important, because ancient Satanists drew Satan in just this stick figure way, including the fat bunny head and his ears. This is another way of representing Satan.

And, just as the White House forms the southern point of the Goathead Pentagram, so the Capitol forms the head of Satan. Shockingly, the meaning is also the same. The Southern point of the Goathead Pentagram represented the spirit of Satan reaching into the mind of the goathead, the bunny's head represents the same meaning. In other words, both the Executive and the Legislative Branches of Government are to be controlled by Satan.

Let us now quickly look at the Washington Monument, which lies directly West of the Capitol. In fact, the Washington Monument lies on a straight line, precisely 900 West of the Capitol. The Washington Monument is the most important Presidential monument to the occultist, because it is an obelisk set inside a circle. What, you are probably saying, is an obelisk? An obelisk is a tall, four-sided stone pillar tapering toward a pyramidal top. The obelisk is critically important to the occultist because they believe that the spirit of the ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra, resided in the obelisk. Thus, the obelisk represents the very presence of the sun god, whom the Bible calls Satan!!

There are only three major obelisks in the world today, and two of them are in the United States. According to Epperson in his book, "The New World Order", the first major obelisk was constructed in St. Peter's square in Rome, and is so placed that every Pope who addresses any crowd in the square, must face the obelisk. A New Age author, Peter Tomkins, reports the same facts in his book, "The Magic Of Obelisks", Harper and Row, New York, 1982, ISBN 0-06-014899-3.

For full details of this obelisk in St. Peter's Basilica, please read NEWS1034, "POPE JOHN PAUL II EMBRACES EVOLUTION!!"

The second obelisk was brought to America in 1881 from Alexandria, Egypt, and was placed in Central Park in New York City.

The third obelisk is the Washington Monument, built to commemorate our First President, George Washington. In light of the symbols which we have just studied, which have been built into the layout of Government Center, I believe the Washington Monument was constructed by Masons, according to Masonic tradition, as a symbol that this country was controlled by Freemasonry from the very beginning. And the Washington Monument has Freemasonry stamped all over it:

There are several other, more complicated Masonic numbers concealed within the construction of the Washington Monument, but you get the point: This monument, constructed to honor the first Masonic President, was designed so that both the White House and the Capitol face toward it so that the leaders of both branches have to face the spirit of Lucifer thought to be residing in it. This is typical occultism.

One final interesting note. We reported earlier in this article that the Washington Monument obelisk was placed directly on a straight line, precisely 900 West of the Capitol. Thus, the inhabitants of the Capitol could face the obelisk daily. However, note that the Washington, D.C., obelisk does not lie in a straight line 900 South the White House. Why? Because it was lined so that it lies in a straight line 900 from the House of Understanding, the headquarters of Freemasonry!! In the mind of the occultist, the true political Administrative power resides in this Freemasonry headquarters, not in the White House. This is why President Andrew Johnson considered himself to be the subordinate to Albert Pike, the leader of North American Freemasonry!

Clearly, the power of leadership to drive this country toward the New World Order, leading the rest of the world, lies in Freemasonry, not in the White House or the Congress. These symbols, built into the physical layout of Government Center in Washinton, D.C., represent the extent of that power. Think of the many years these symbols have remained hidden from most people's knowledge; think of the millions of tourists which have walked on these streets during this time, without having any idea as to the existence of these symbols, not to mention their meaning! And, if you have ever driven a car in this area, you will now understand why these streets seem to be laid out so weird! Driving here can be a nightmare. Now you know why.

I dare anyone to email me to tell me that this perfect layout of occult symbols is accidental or without significance. The odds against this happening accidentally are so astronomical as to be absurd. Do you see irrefutable evidences of a conspiracy here?

And, now the end is apparently in sight. The Third World War, envisioned by Albert Pike in 1870 between Israel and her Arab neighbors, is apparently at hand. Out of this war is to come Antichrist. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news


And you will love this tid-bit of educational program for your children.


Through Labor Day, in the Mandell Center, "Aliens: Worlds of Possibilities" takes you on a cosmic voyage from Earth to the far reaches of our solar system and beyond. Don't miss this featured Summer exhibit



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The EYE OF HORUS has a very specific meaning. The eye is represented as a figure with 6 parts. These 6 parts correspond to the six senses - Touch, Taste, Hearing, Thought, Sight, Smell. These are the 6 parts of the *eye*. The eye is the receptor of *input*. It has these six doors, to receive data.

The construction of the eye follows very precise laws. The senses are ordered according to their importance. And according to how much energy must be *eaten* by the *eye* for an individual to receive a particular sensation. All of the sensory data input is *food*.

In the Ancient Egyptian measurement system, the EYE OF HORUS represented a fractional quantification system to measure parts of a whole. [ Get a book on Egyptian stuff or scan the internet for Egyptian Math see for e.g. "Understanding Hieroglyphs" by H. Wilson, ISBN 0-8442-4604-2 ]

The entire eye measured 1 heqat. And each of the parts of the eye measured fractions of the heqat.



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