Great quality Customer Returns loads


These loads have always been and always will be one of the best returns loads the market has to offer. These Loads have proven to be repeat sellers and have sold thousands.

Good medium to high quality general merchandise. Low throw-Away ratio.

These loads have 24-pallets that are shrink wrapped. These are bulk loads with no manifest, however they usually have between   $45,000.00    to            $ 65,000.00 in actual retail value, Small appliances, small electronics, kitchenware, houseware, domestics, toys, hardware, automotive, home improvement, yard & garden and much more. These loads usually carry a large amount of shelf-pulls and overstocks. One of our best sellers. Usually the retailer, auctioneer or outlet center will calculate a 15% actual throw-away margin. If a load has a minimum of $ 45,000.00 in retail X 15% =$38,500.00 resale value, sold @ 50% would be $ 19,125.00.  If you have an average $ 7,590.00 plus average frt. $ 800.00,- $8,390.00 then your return would be over $9,000.00. This works well with most retailer/ auctioneers.  

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