Wagging the Global the Dog

Public may see bin Laden tape Wednesday

December 12, 2001 Posted: 4:05 AM EST (0905 GMT)


Osama bin Laden

Osama been Hiding


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The videotape of Osama bin Laden purportedly bragging about the September 11 terrorist attacks could be released as early as Wednesday, giving the world what one U.S. senator said is the "smoking gun" in the case against the suspected terrorist mastermind.

The White House was tightlipped Tuesday on what time the videotape might be made public or even if it will be released at all. A senior administration official, however, said the videotape -- which sources said runs 40 minutes -- would likely be released Wednesday.

In the tape, according to U.S. officials, bin Laden makes it clear he had advance knowledge about the planning and details of the deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Sources said that on the tape, bin Laden indicates he knew for several days that September 11 would be the date of the attacks. He also said that he had turned on his radio in advance to listen to coverage of the attacks and that he had underestimated the damage that would be inflicted on the World Trade Center.

U.S. officials said that bin Laden even claims the hijackers trained to fly the planes didn't know some of their colleagues on board -- and that some of the 19 hijackers didn't learn they were on a suicide mission until they boarded the planes.

"I think the most striking thing about the video is it shows unequivocally Osama bin Laden's culpability in this event of 9/11," said Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Alabama, the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

"And what's sad about it is that he's in this meeting and he's gloating, he's laughing, he's having fun about the death and destruction that occurred in the United States of America."

President Bush on Monday said the bin Laden videotape reminded him of "what a murderer he is and how right and just our cause is."

The tape's release has been the subject of much debate within the White House. The prospect of releasing the tape has pitted concerns over protecting U.S. intelligence sources and methods against the goal of building the public case against bin Laden.

Shelby says the bin Laden tape
Shelby says the bin Laden tape "is a smoking gun."  

"They shouldn't release it too quickly if it's going to compromise in any way some sources and methods of where they got this tape," said Shelby, who has seen the tape.

"But this is a smoking gun, if you've ever seen one. I believe it's central to letting the people in the outside world that are saying Osama bin Laden was not involved in this. I don't know how they can be in denial after they see this tape."

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, however, was much more cautious in his descriptions of the tape.

"A tape exists on which he is seen to say things, not in English I might add, therefore I'm not one to say precisely what he said," Rumsfeld told reporters at the daily Pentagon briefing. "Various people are trying to translate that and understand precisely what it said."

The senior administration official said the tape was not released Monday because the administration wanted to have "outside," non-government translators review the tape. The goal with that move, the official said, would be to counter speculation that the government had somehow doctored the Arabic-language tape or had twisted bin Laden's words to match the administration's claims that he is responsible for the terrorist attacks.

Another senior administration official said he could not say with certainty the tape would be released Wednesday. "There are a lot of things that need to be *buttoned down," said this official.

*Brushed up?

The official said the translation is "complicated" because the tape is a "very amateurish" production, with bin Laden at times speaking in a "very low, faint voice."

The videotape was made in Kandahar, Afghanistan, with the date of November 9 on it. The tape was found in a private residence in Jalalabad, according to officials.

But, they cannot let the public see it until it is brushed up a tad more.......

"buttoned down"?

Filmmakers Hollywood mull terror scenarios for Army

Reuters 10-16-2001

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Some of Hollywood's top action filmmakers -- men behind such octane-fueled thrillers as "Die Hard" and "Delta Force One" -- are helping the U.S. Army dream up possible terrorist threats America might face in the future and how to handle them.

The (counter) terrorism brainstorming sessions are the latest focus of the Institute for Creative Technologies, formed in 1999 at the University of Southern California to develop advanced training programs for the Army, institute officials said Tuesday.

Like previous enterprises the institute has undertaken on such subjects as U.S. peacekeeping and natural disasters, the counter-terrorism project brings together producers, writers and directors from the film and TV industries with experts from academia and the military, Institute officials said.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, declined to describe any of the scenarios discussed by the latest panel at its first meeting earlier this month, just days after the September 11 aerial assaults on the Pentagon and world Trade Center that left at least 5,000 people dead.

Every Lie is a secret

But one official confirmed a report in the entertainment trade paper Daily Variety that participants included "Die Hard" screenwriter Steven E. De Souza, television writer David Engelbach ("MacGyver") and movie director Joseph Zito, whose credits include "Delta Force One," "Invasion U.S.A." and "Missing in Action."

Also joining the panel were directors Spike Jonze ("Being John Malkovich"), David Fincher ("Fight Club," "Seven"), Randal Kleiser ("Grease," "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid") and Mary Lambert ("The In Crowd"), as well as screenwriters Paul De Meo and Danny Bilson ("The Rocketeer.")

The institute originally was formed under a $45 million U.S. Army grant as a partnership among academics, video game makers and creative talent in Hollywood to design advanced "virtual reality" and simulation training systems for the military.

One multimedia "mission rehearsal" displayed on the institute's Web site involves a group of Army troops in Bosnia who are confronted by a large, hostile crowd after a U.S. military vehicle accidentally runs down a Serbian boy in the street. The situation is fictional.

"The group looking at counter-terrorism is really an extension of the kind of efforts we've been doing for about two years," one institute official said. "The benefit of the entertainment group is that they think more creatively. They think outside the box."

He said the team was asked "what kind of things could possibly happen, and how could they be prevented." Results of the discussions will ultimately be presented to the Army.

"It's very dynamic, and everybody agrees we don't sleep well afterward, because we're very keyed up," said one institute official who sat in on the first session.


An Excerpt of this so called virtual reality planning organisation.

Assembling a technical and creative team

Building the MRE system required assembling a diverse group of individuals and organizations with a broad range of talents. On the technical side, AI researchers from USC/Information Sciences Institute and USC/ICT created the automated reasoning and emotion modeling technology for the virtual humans. Researchers from Boston Dynamics developed the virtual humans' animated bodies, with Haptek providing expressive faces. Audio researchers from USC's Integrated Media Systems Center created the immersive sound system and mixed and synchronized the effects and background sounds. Researchers from USC/ISI worked with AT&T's Next-Gen TTS speech synthesis system to create the most natural-sounding output. Finally, programmers and system developers experienced in creating real-time graphics tweaked the graphics system to provide acceptable performance.

To create the content for the MRE system, we needed an art director to design the environment's overall look, actors to serve as models for the virtual humans, and artists to model the animated characters, buildings, and environmental details. This effort our first attempt to combine the expertise of the entertainment community with that of the technical and military simulation communities would ultimately prove far more resource-intensive than we imagined. Coordinating all the teams involved and integrating the various systems and sub-systems turned out to be a major task.

Hollywood brings story and character to simulations

As the team worked at conceptualizing the MRE simulation, a core divergence emerged between how the Army, computer scientists, and entertainment people viewed the project. The entertainment people usually took an approach diametrically opposed to that of established scientific and military procedures.

Entertainment people who work on simulations focus on the project's concept, theme, and story, shaping these elements to create the simulation's desired impact. This focus on the project's net result differs markedly from the scientific approach to simulation, which usually starts with a definition of the realism level required.

The entertainment community uses story and charac-ter to create emotional involvement for two reasons. First, writers know that a work's ability to engage the emotions determines its impact. We readily recall great moments in motion pictures and television because they evoked a strong emotional response. Films as varied as Jaws, Casablanca, The Sixth Sense, and Saving Private Ryan became popular classics because of the emotional responses they generated. Yet films that lack such an emotional puncheven big-budget special-effects films such as Judge Dredd and Mission to Marsquickly fade from memory. For entertainment people, then, emotional impact delivered through story and character provide the key to connecting with the audience.

Entertainment people also use emotional involvement because it's expedient. The industry has learned that viewers will ignore a film's flaws and inconsistencies if it emotionally involves them. Applying this knowledge to simulations, we know that once participants become emotionally engaged we can relax the requirements to render every detail at the highest resolution.

The Army's concept of story differs considerably from the entertainment industry's. What the Army considers a story, Hollywood labels an event list. A sequence of events does not itself create a story; a story requires linking events in a way that builds to a dramatic climax.

To date, simulations have, at best, made rudimentary use of character despite the critical importance entertainment veterans place on this component. Yet any simulation for training people to work with one another in decision-making tasks must, by definition, place a premium on realistically depicting how individuals even simulated onesreact to each other. Given the technical challenges involved and the high priority placed on implementing the capability, inte-grating character into the MRE simulation proved to be the project team's most difficult task.

For speech, we used both prerecorded dialogue from actors and text-to-speech synthesis. We found that the prerecorded speech worked best for characters with small parts because they had comparatively little to say. Prerecorded speech also was useful for characters who needed to express a lot of emotion difficult to achieve with current text-to-speech systems

Developed by AT&T, Next-Gen TTS produces sounds that are more natural than most synthesis systems, but it has a limited range of expression and number of voices. When necessary, we used prerecorded speech to bypass these limitations. Beforehand, actors recorded a library of verbal phrases that the characters might say. During the simulation, the computer selected the most appropriate dialogue sample for playback. We found that the flexibility of the text-to-speech system made it most appropriate for the sergeant in our scenario, who had the most to say. The greater emotional range possible with prerecorded speech, on the other hand, made it appropriate for characters who had less to say but needed to impart more expression and emotion in their speech

You have been subliminally altered.

Bring that video of O'sammy on Hollywood


and then...

And when the New Worlder's summons their Cosmic Christ,  will you see him come into the world on the Hollywood Clouds of Gory?

From the Cutting Edge

The New Age Plan to produce the Anti-Christ. (And, some New Age writers specifically name their planned One World Leader as The Anti-Christ; however, most writers simply call him The Christ)

For the first time in world history, detailed plans have been created which, when carried out, will produce Anti-Christ in such a way that will fulfill many Biblical prophecies. The Anti-Christ's Planned Appearance will shake the world as nothing has shaken it since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Further, this Plan envisions earth-shattering events in the months prior to his Appearance. We will study this exciting subject from the New Age perspective. Remember, nothing which we shall discuss today is accidental; every detail has been carefully planned out by men who are led by guiding spirits, or have received super-natural visions, or who have been involved in occultic societies all their lives.


Biblical Basis

Revelation 6:1-2, "Then I saw as the Lamb broke open one of the seven seals, and as if in a voice of thunder, I heard one of the four living creatures call out, 'Come'! And I looked, and saw there a white horse whose rider carried a bow, and a crown was given him, and he rode forth conquering and to conquer."

At God's appointed time, He shall allow Satan's Anti-Christ to intervene in world events. He will deceive people who do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior. This deception will be primarily spiritual, and will cause men to ultimately worship Anti-Christ. Worship is the key. Thus, you can see how critically valuable the seal is on the back of our One-Dollar bill, as we discussed in our last program. This All-Seeing Eye atop the Egyptian Pyramid denotes the supposed Ultimate Wisdom one receives once he worships Satan. This Governmental Seal on each dollar bill is damning evidence of the Satanic nature of the New World Order, because the inscription at the bottom of the pyramid, NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, is Latin for New World Order.



U.S.-dropped leaflets show bin Laden in Western clothes

January 4, 2002 Posted: 11:29 AM EST (1629 GMT)

January 4, 2002 Posted: 11:29 AM EST (1629 GMT)

January 4, 2002 Posted: 11:29 AM EST (1629 GMT)

The back of the Department of Defense leaflets shows Osama bin Laden in Western-style dress.  

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Pentagon is trying to persuade remaining al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan to surrender by distributing leaflets that contain a doctored image of Osama bin Laden in Western-style dress.

The two-sided paper is being dropped in areas of Afghanistan where the United States believed al Qaeda fighters are.

The leaflet has an image of dead Afghan soldiers with the following statement, with spellings retained: "Usama bin Laden, the murderer and coward, has abandoned al Qaeda. He has abandoned you and run away. Give yourself up and do not die needlessly, you mean nothing to him. Save your families the grief and pain of your death."

On the other side is an altered image of bin Laden, shown without his turban or beard and dressed in a white suit and tie. In large letters, it states: "Usama bin Laden the murderer and coward has abandoned you!"

The United States is searching for bin Laden but U.S. officials say they don't have any idea where bin Laden's is hiding. It is offering a $25 million reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

U.S. Central Command spokesman Commander Dave Culler said the leaflets were dropped in the Afghan areas of Khowst, Ghanzai, Tora Bora, Sokhta and Tarin Kowt -- primarily in the eastern part of the country.


The front side of the leaflets calls bin Laden a "murderer and coward."


The message was also included in Commander Solo broadcasts -- tranmissions broadcast from a EC-130 E aircraft -- for 10 hours in two local languages, including Pashto.

Some analysts say the altered photograph will not play well in some parts of the Muslim world, where there is already suspicion of the United States.

Asked whether the leaflet could be used by some to say the United States is willing to doctor or make up things -- as has been alleged about the videotape found in Afghanistan by the United States -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said he had not thought about the possibility

Rumsfeld, speaking at Thursday's Pentagon media briefing, said there was "nothing much" the United States could do about what others might claim about the leaflets.

Just like the doctored Video they introduced to America?
Wagging the Global Dog?

How dumb are the Afghanistani's? As Dumb as the American Perhaps?



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